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S&P Global Ratings Moves Databases from Exadata to AWS, Selects SkyCluster as the New Platform


Case Study


When S&P Global Ratings decided to move their infrastructure to AWS the database team was facing a formidable challenge. Dozens of databases were running on Oracle Exadata systems that provided best-of-breed performance and high availability. How to run these databases in AWS with similar availability SLA and similar performance to the Exadata?


FlashGrid offered S&P Global Ratings a database backend architecture based on SkyCluster engineered cloud system featuring Oracle RAC database engine.

  • Two active-active Oracle RAC database nodes placed in different Amazon EC2 availability zones ensure the database keeps running even when an entire AZ experiences a failure. Data mirroring across AZs in addition to the mirroring at Amazon EBS storage level provides maximum data protection against failures.
  • Combining local NVMe SSD with EBS GP2 storage allows the flexibility of having both maximum storage throughput and large storage capacity.
  • Infrastructure-as-Code automation with SkyCluster Launcher makes deployment of the database clusters simple, fast, and repeatable, which is important when large number of Prod, DR, Dev, and QA databases must be deployed on a tight schedule.


S&P Global Ratings now runs high-performance mission critical databases in AWS and enjoys flexibility and on-demand agility of the cloud infrastructure. It takes only 2 hours to deploy a new database cluster with a proven configuration.

S&P Global Ratings is the world’s leading provider of independent credit ratings. The ratings are essential to driving growth, providing transparency and helping educate market participants so they can make decisions with confidence. More than 1 million credit ratings are outstanding on government, corporate, financial sector and structured finance entities and securities. S&P Global Ratings offers an independent view of the market built on a unique combination of broad perspective and local insight.

“We had to migrate dozens of mission critical Oracle RAC databases from Exadata to AWS with FlashGrid SkyCluster, and were able to do it without sacrificing performance or availability. Reliable operation and continuous support were the key success factors for us.”

Rama Kolli
Sr. Director – Database Management
S&P Global Ratings

“We had to migrate dozens of mission critical Oracle RAC databases from Exadata to AWS with FlashGrid SkyCluster, and were able to do it without sacrificing performance or availability.”

Rama Kolli, Sr. Director – Database Management, S&P Global Ratings

“FlashGrid SkyCluster provides us all elements needed for running our mission-critical Oracle databases in Azure: storage and networking software, deployment automation, and 24x7 support.”

Jay Wilder, Sr. Director of Software Engineering, Nuance Communications

“With FlashGrid and AWS we can now deploy a new application within two weeks instead of six months, without compromising our availability SLA.”

David Urban, VP Operations, Aria Systems

“SkyCluster for Azure proved to be a reliable solution that is easy to implement and support for us as a systems integrator.”


“With our new virtualized RAC running on FlashGrid architecture we do a 125GB full table scan in 6 seconds. That is an 11x improvement over our previous setup.”

Sam Shiel, Oracle DBA, Simplyhealth

“Implementing Oracle RAC with FlashGrid in AWS is an important milestone in Digital Virgo’s cloud journey.”

Mikolaj Klimek, Deputy Director IT Operations and Infrastructure, Digital Virgo

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